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At Wellness House we use the best technology from Migun Korea.

The massage beds offer a quick effective alternative to the traditional massage where clothing doesn’t have to be removed. Treatments can assist you with:

  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Blood pressure
  • Anxiety and much more.

After treatment you should feel healthier and have a greater sense of well-being.

It works on five basic principles: chiropractic, massage, acupressure, acupuncture and heat therapy. The Migun bed uses the combination of acupressure and Far infrared heat allowing the body to relax muscles, improve flexibility of the spine, and enhance circulation… helping to relieve stress, reduce muscle aches and pains while providing an energy boost.

We are dedicated to the concept of improving your health through the combined principles of Eastern & Western medical techniques and technology.

‘MIGUN’ is an acronym made up of two Korean words: ‘MI’ meaning ‘Beauty’ and ‘GUN’ meaning ‘Health’. The MIGUN massage bed provides clinical thermal massage.

We will discuss your individual needs, obtaining a brief medical history and choose which treatments you would gain the most out of depending on what your needs are.

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  1. Great alternative to traditional massage

    The treatments at Wellness House are an excellent alternative to a traditional massage because the bed does the work so there is no messy oils and no need to remove any clothing and it leaves you feeling energised afterwards.

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